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16 Sep 2016

Are you getting the maximum benefit out of your acne skin care products? If not, it could mean that you're using them wrong. Whether you use over the counter products, prescriptions, or the best organic acne products - you need a daily skin care regimen. This article outlines a simple plan you can use to maximize the effects of your acne skin care products. The best organic acne products effectively treat acne while avoiding chemicals, additives, and side effects. This article reviews three major benefits to using organic acne products as opposed to shelf products or prescriptions.

Cleanse your skin. Washing your face may seem like an obvious first step to fighting acne, but you need to be aware of the soap you're using. Most soaps are harsh on your face and skin. To get the best results you'll want to use a gentle cleansing soap made specifically for acne.

Step #2- Exfoliate. Our skin is constantly bombarded with environmental pollutants. On top of this, our skin is constantly producing its natural oil and renewing itself, leaving dead skin cells behind. All these factors can quickly lead to clogged pores and further outbreaks. It is recommended that you gently exfoliate your face and neck twice a week to smooth out your skin and prevent future outbreaks.

Use a toner. Believe it or not, but even after washing and exfoliating there will still be impurities left on your skin. A good, natural acne toner is designed to remove these impurities and leave your skin completely clean. In the end, use the toner on days that you don't exfoliate.

Moisturize. Most people mistakenly believe that putting moisturizer on their face or skin is bad and will cause further outbreaks. The opposite is true. If you've cleansed, exfoliated, and used toner on your skin, you need to moisturize to keep your skin healthy. The key is to use a natural moisturizer designed specifically for acne from Emu Oil Company.


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